Karin Arruda Paper Artist

Karin Arruda Paper Artist

Karin Arruda

Girlfriend in love forever with the best husband in the world, trainee mom, former veterinarian.

I love dogs, cats, horses, tigers, eagles, snakes... well, I love all animals.

I was born in Brazil but my soul belongs to the world.

I started making art as a child and never stopped: I have studied many techniques and materials.

Zero coke lover (addicted?), the only woman in the Milky Way who does not like chocolate (even in PMS).

My passion for paper, which was previously hobby, became my profession in 2007.

Nowadays, my scalpel cuts paper in very tiny pieces for my artworks.

One of my favorite activities besides the paper sculpture is to teach, either in person or at online classes.

Sometimes I really believe I`m living in the magical world of Harry Potter ....

I absolutely adore Disney characters, not only because they are amazing but mainly because they are so challenging technically speaking: so many details to transform illustrations in paper sculptures. Mickey Mouse is my favorite.

One of my greatest professional dreams was to be a Disney guest artist. My dream came true.

As Mr. Walt Disney used to say, everything starts with a dream....